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Contact Person:
Victoria Klawitter, Chair
216 MacVicar
(315) 267-2061

33 credit hours required.

All courses are 3 credits unless noted. Credits are divided as follows:

Required Courses (Credits 27)
MATH 151 Calculus I (4 credits) OR
     MATH 141 and MATH 142
MATH 152 Calculus II (4 credits)
MATH 253 Multivariate Calculus (4 credits)
MATH 340 Set Theory and Logic
MATH 375 Linear Algebra I
MATH 423 Modern Algebra I
MATH 451 Advanced Calculus I
MATH 460 Problem Seminar

Elective Courses (Credits 6)

  1. One mathematics course at the 300-500 level
    Note 1: MATH 547 Theory of Sets may be elected only upon recommendation of mathematics faculty.
    Note 2: A student who is also preparing to be a teacher should choose either MATH 404 Elements of Geometry or MATH 553 Concepts of Geometry to satisfy this elective.
  2. One course from the following list to be taken only after the student has completed MATH 340, 375, 423 and 451 or permission of instructor.
    MATH 452 Advanced Calculus II
    MATH 524 Modern Algebra II
    MATH 526 Linear Algebra II

Recommended Coursework Outside the Major
Depending on students’ educational and professional objectives, they should consider taking courses in statistics and/or computer science to complement their studies in mathematics. In particular, students who plan to major or minor in Computer Science should register for CIS 201 as early as possible. Other majors are strongly advised to register for CIS 201 the semester after completing MATH 340. Students are encouraged to consult closely with a departmental adviser in course selections.

Special Notes

  1. Thirty hours of required courses for the mathematics major must be completed with a numerical minimum grade of 2.0. The remaining 3 hours may be completed with a minimum grade of 2.0/S. Students are advised to complete the required courses for a numerical grade.
  2. Transfer students who have fewer than 12 credit hours total in Calculus I, II and Multivariate Calculus should consult the chair of the department.