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M.S.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction



This program is designed to meet the needs and interests of all education professionals. Those individuals who seek to obtain professional certification will find that the program not only meets the state requirements for certification, but has the flexibility to provide for individualized course planning. Individuals who wish to obtain a Masters in education, but are not seeking professional certification will find a program with the ability to be individualized to meet unique professional goals. Whether you are looking for professional certification, or the foundations to become an educator and leader, the Curriculum and Instruction program is designed to meet your needs:

A. Professional Teaching Certification

This path is designed for students with initial New York State Certification who seek to complete the academic requirements for Professional certification. Each candidate will develop an individualized program of study in collaboration with the candidates adviser. This program of study will be designed to be functionally relevant to the candidates initial certification area in one of the following disciplines:

Business/Marketing Early Childhood/Childhood Education (B-6)
Dance English 7-12
French 7-12 Health Education
Mathematics 7-12 Music
Social Studies 7-12 Spanish 7-12
Theatre Visual Arts


Candidates holding initial New York certification in areas other than those listed above must consult with the department chair prior to enrollment to discuss program completion. You may also review the required courses for the program by downloading the advising form for professional certification here.

B. General Education (Alternative Focus Areas for Educators)

Candidates not seeking New York State teaching certification, but are interested in applying educational pedagogy in a variety of classroom/non-classroom contexts, may pursue electives in a particular focal area, or take a handcrafted set of electives based upon student's interests and career goals.

This opportunity is also available for international students who wish to improve their English Language Skills as well as gain a greater understanding of U.S. instructional approaches, but are not seeking professional certification.

Each student will meet with and design a program that includes educational pedagogy cornerstones such as philosophical foundations, research, curriculum & evaluation, technology in education, and more. Further, a culminating research project is designed to assist the student with synthesizing the fundamental concepts of education into a skillset that can be utilized immediately in the workplace. Review the option "B" advising form here to understand the course layout and options.


Concentration Areas (available for both "A" and "B" candidates)

This program offers a series of focus areas that are designed to provide a student with additional depth in particular areas related to education, introduce interdisciplinary learning by combining educational pedagogy with practice based curriculum such as leadership or human resources, wilderness education and technology. Click on each link below to read the description, and a list of what courses you could take in particular functional areas or interdisciplinary study:

  1. Early Childhood Education (May also satisfy requirements to extend certification by adding B-2)
  2. Intercultural Educator
  3. Language Acquisition
  4. Leadership in Education
  5. Human Resource Educator
  6. Technology Educator
  7. Wilderness Education

Be sure to contact any member of the CGS team, or the program coordinator (info above) to discuss the program.

Admissions FAQs


Minimum Credits


Approximate minimum time to complete (assumes full time attendance)


Deadline to submit application materials


Start date: Summer, Fall or Spring

“Potsdam’s graduate program afforded me great opportunities that allowed me to excel as a future educator and stand out among a crowded field of job seekers.”

~ John Liquori ’14