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Potsdam Prepared: Fall 2021 Updates

The student teaching program in Australia is a 13-week program consisting of the following elements:

  • A two-week summer program in which you will take a specialized course designed to introduce you to the Australian education system and prepare you for your student teaching experience.
  • An optional two-week tour of Australia's tropical east coast and outback. During this trip, you will travel by bus with the other students on the program as you are led by your Australian Program Director. You will have the chance to swim in the Great Barrier Reef, be charmed by a small-town population of 45 people in the Outback as you spend the night in the town's main building which serves as the local post office/pub/hotel, as well as enjoy many beaches, animal and nature preserves, geographic wonders, and other scenic and highly authentic destinations along the way.
  • A nine-week student teaching placement. This student teaching placement meets the requirements set by the New York State Education Department as well as by the State University of New York.

The Center for School Partnerships and Teacher Certification at SUNY Potsdam has partnered with the SUNY Cortland study abroad office, which administers the program for local SUNY participating schools. For more information, visit the SUNY Cortland Study Abroad website.

Natalia Anapolis ’20

With a tank of air on her back and fins on her feet, Natalia Anapolis ’20 stepped into the Coral Sea off the coast of Australia. The scuba diving adventure was a completely new experience for her—foreshadowing her work in Australia over the next few weeks as she stepped into a classroom as a student teacher for the first time. Last fall, Anapolis spent 13 weeks Down Under where she got to explore the continent, while also completing her student teaching placement as part of her degree in childhood/early childhood education.

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Finding a Higher Octave Down Under

Jenn Belisle ’20 has thrown the doors of possibility wide open. The Crane School of Music student broadened her horizons when she took the plunge and traveled on a teaching assignment to another hemisphere.

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