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B.S. in Computer Science Education (K-12)

The Computer Science Education, B.S. program provides initial certification for students who are seeking careers as computer science educators from elementary through high school. The program of study merges deep content knowledge in computer science with the pedagogical skills necessary to become an excellent educator. The required classes were merged with the College’s general education requirements, thus anchored in a rich core of liberal arts and sciences.

What You Will Learn

  • Effective strategies for integrating the National Computer Science Education Standards into the curriculum.
  • Research-based, innovative, and inclusive teaching strategies to assist K-12 students in critical analysis and problem solving around key concepts such as algorithms and programming, computing systems, data and analysis.
  • Evaluation methods for maximizing computer science curriculum for a variety of diverse learners. 
  • Communication skills to enhance one’s ability to teach in a collaborative environment.

The Fieldwork Experience

  • Students will work closely with teachers and administrators across k-12 to examine principles in education, the teaching of special needs children, and methods for designing, developing, and delivering a computer science curriculum.
  • Students will complete student teaching in both elementary and in the middle/high school levels.
  • Students will have support and guidance of college supervisors during field placements.

Unique Program Features

  • Program merges Potsdam’s 200+ year history of high-quality teacher education with its innovative and highly regarded computer science program.
  • Program affords students with an interest in computer science the opportunity to expand their employment options through a new certification path.
  • Program features coursework specifically designed to expand students’ experiences in creativity and innovation—not only for themselves, but also for the K-12 future students they will serve.
  • Program allows students to develop close relationships with professors across two departments (Computer Science and Education) as well as fellow computer science and computer science education candidates.
  • Program presents opportunities to attend professional development workshops and/or conferences to help further your understanding of computer science content and pedagogy.


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