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  • What should I do first to apply for an academic internship?
    Make an appointment to see the Director of Experiential Education ( or 315-267-2344).
  • How do I register for an academic internship?
    Complete the Internship Proposal and Learning Agreement forms. (Forms may be obtained from the Experiential Education Office website.) A staff member will then register you for the academic internship. (Please note that students CANNOT register an academic internship using Bear Paws).
  • How many contact hours at a worksite do I need to complete in order to be granted 1(one) academic credit hour?
    40 contact hours plus an academic component assigned by a faculty sponsor equals 1(one) credit hour (3 credits=120 contact hours, 6 credits =240 contact hours, 9 credits= 360 contact hours, and 12 credits=480 contact hours).
  • If I have a summer internship and I want to receive academic credits, do I have to pay summer tuition?
    Yes! A summer academic internship is just like a summer class. You must fill out a Learning Agreement Form and Internship Proposal. Report the internship for credit on BearTracker and then a staff member will register you for the summer session. You will then be billed for tuition per credit hour from the Bursars office.
  • Can I get paid and receive academic credit for an internship?
    Yes! Keep in mind that most organizations do not pay interns. If you do find a paid internship you may also receive academic credit.