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Potsdam Prepared: Fall 2021 Updates

Internship Search Engines

Virtual Internships


General Internship Links

If you aren't sure what kind of internship you want to do, this is a good place to start searching for opportunities.

Check out these links:

Please contact the Experiential Education Office if you have difficulty accessing any of our site or links - or (315) 267-2507.

Potsdam Connect

Experiential Learning Coordination Platform - Connecting Potsdam faculty and students with industry partners through exciting hands-on learning engagements such as: Capstone Projects, Live Business Cases, Micro Internships, Service Learning, Site Visits and Job Shadowing!

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Internship Job Search: View thousands of internship listings here, there everywhere. Updated daily!

Employer Director Search: Explore more than 450,000 corporate profiles to target employers throughout 196 countries!

Career Guides: Utilize our comprehensive career and employment resources toll kit filled with everything you need to find jobs and internships at home and abroad!

The Music Industry Guide

  1. To access the "Music Industry Guide" PDF document, you must send an email to Toby White at and request the access code.
  2. Once you have received an email from Toby White with the required access code, please click on the link below and enter the access code provided. Please keep in mind that this is a large 751 page PDF File and could take a few minutes to download depending on your internet speed.
    Music Industry Internship Guide (PDF)
  3. Click the PDF link provided below to access the "Music Industry" Navigational Guide. This guide gives tips on how to search the Music Industry Guide!
    Music Industry Navigational Guide (PDF)

New York Leaders

Internship Opportunities with New York State
Governor Cuomo's Student Intern Program is a centralized location that provides access to all New York State Government internships!

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Chegg Internships

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Find the right internship for you! Gain work experience and kickstart your career!

The Internship Series Online

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  • Step #1 Click on "Student Login" Left Side
  • Step #2 Enter Login name: Potsdam
  • Step #3 Enter Password: SUNYBears
  • Step #4 Click on Login Button
  • Step #5 Click on "Internships for Undergraduates" Left Side
  • Step #6 Download PDF Files of available internships

Please be sure to visit the Experiential Education Office for assistance in applying for credit/non-credit internships.


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From startups to Fortune 500s, WayUp offers internships and jobs from over 20,000 employers.  

Career Shift

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  • Search, select and store job listings from all job boards and all company job postings.
  • Get up-to-date contact information, including e-mail addresses, for millions of companies.
  • Access in-depth information about contacts and companies posting jobs.
  • Record, save and store your correspondence history records automatically.
  • Create personal marketing campaigns, including unlimited resumes and cover letters easily, and save them to access, print or e-mail.
  • Manage your confidential CareerShift account securely from any computer 24/7, to update & maintain your organized and recorded job search.

Zip Recruiter

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Unique Benefits of ZipRecruiter

  • We currently work with more than 800 colleges & universities, providing Free Career Development content for their students
  • Just last month, we launched ‘Get Recruited’ a brand new, first-of-its-kind solution where we shine the spotlight on job seekers, and employers are the ones now applying to job seekers
  • Our site offers 16 million +jobs for active job seekers, and has the #1 rated Job Seeker App on iPhone & Android