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Please note: These course-proposal links are intended for faculty use only.

Honors course proposal due dates:

  • Approximately February 1 (for Fall honors course proposals)
  • Approximately September 10 (for Winterim & Spring honors course proposals)
  • Single-seat honors course proposals must be received by the first Friday of the semester in which the course runs.

Which of the following best describes the honors course that you are proposing?

  1. A single-seat honors course (PDF)
  2. An honors course you have NOT taught before (PDF)
  3. An honors course you HAVE taught before (PDF)


Download Adobe Reader

PDF Submission

  1. Complete the appropriate PDF above in Adobe Reader.
  2. Upon completion, save using the PDF toolbar; Do Not use File-->Save As
  3. E-mail PDF attachment with supporting documents to
  4. If you prefer, you may receive a copy of the appropriate form as a Word document by contacting Bonnie Lawrence at the email address noted above.

    Review previously submitted honors course proposals