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The Presidential Scholars application consists of the following:

  • An online application form to be completed by the student
    • Available at the forms link below
    • Includes a requirement to upload a completed budget (pdf) and digital scans of any budgetary support documents
    • Includes a required essay, timeline, and budget
  • Two letters of Recommendations (one must be your Faculty Mentor)
    • Available at the forms link below

Application forms, and recommendations are due no later than 4 p.m. on the date indicated in each year’s official invitation to apply (sent to eligible students with GPAs of 3.5 or higher). Outdated PDFs or paper forms will not be accepted.

Applications will be reviewed by the Selection Committee. Selected applicants will be scheduled for interviews. Applications are only accepted in the Fall.

All forms related to the Presidential Scholars Application process and award disbursement are to be found online.

View Forms Here

Note about Recommendations: Your application requires two confidential letters of recommendation from faculty members. One letter must be from your prospective Faculty Mentor (or Professional Mentor if you are working with an on-campus staff member or off-campus mentor). Choose recommenders wisely; the best recommendations are those that come from people who know your academic work and potential well, and who are familiar with your proposed project. Please direct your recommenders to use the Recommendation form available online, which must be sent to by the due date listed above. Questions about the recommendation process may be directed to the team at the email address above.