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Crane's Dean Search

Information about The Crane School of Music, SUNY Potsdam

The information and links below are to assist those applying for the position of Dean of the Crane School of Music. Reading through all of this information is not required, and this is not meant to cover all possible questions candidates may have about the school. However, the search committee wished to make this information easily accessible as well as convey a more detailed picture of the Crane School.

Student Population:

  • Overall Fall Censuses 2020: 590 students (Fall 2019: 603)
    • Undergraduate Students: 570
    • Graduate Students: 20
      • 16 MM Music Education
      • 4 MM Performance (voice and piano students)
    • Summer-only Master of Music - Music Education population (2019): 33
  • Major breakdown
    • BM Music Education: 434 students
    • BM Performance: 133
    • BM Music Business: 44
    • BM Musical Studies:  Music Theory: 13
    • BM Musical Studies: Music History: 7
    • BM Musical Studies: Composition: 21
    • BA in Music: 25
    • Approximately 110 double majors with two music majors (such as Music Education/Performance)
    • There are also about 40 students in music/non-music double majors
  • Music Student Organizations
    • The Crane Student Association distributes funding from the SUNY Potsdam SGA. The CSA board also acts as the conduit for many student concerns and  meet regularly with the Dean.
    • Other music-related student organizations are listed on this webpage.


  • There are approximately 95 faculty and professional staff at Crane
  • Student-to-faculty-ratio at Crane is 7:1
  • Approximately 85% of Crane faculty are full-time faculty.
  • Approximately 80% of Crane's full-time faculty are tenured or on the tenure-track.

Organizational Structure

  • Crane is one of three Schools at SUNY Potsdam, along with the School of Arts & Sciences and the School of Education & Professional Studies.
  • Crane has three departments and an area:
    • Music Education Department
    • Performance Department
    • Music Theory, History, & Composition Department
    • Music Business area
  • Crane's organization chart may be found here

Events and concerts

Other Crane School of Music Information

Affiliated Programs