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Museum Studies Minor

Morgan Perkins, Department of Anthropology
130 MacVicar, (315) 267-2593,

The Museum Studies minor introduces students to museum theory and practice through coursework, applied museum work and internships that will qualify them for careers in museums and a wide range of related professions. As a forum for the collection, preservation and display of material culture, museums will be examined in historical and cross-cultural perspectives. The Charles T. Weaver Museum of Anthropology, the Art Museum and the College Archives will provide opportunities on campus to observe and participate in the various functions of museums.

As the capstone experience for the minor, students will complete two museum internships. Students will develop and complete a range of potential projects with the supervision of a sponsor from the host institution. Internships should be arranged through consultation with the Director of Museum Studies. Ideally the first internship should be completed locally or on campus at either the Weaver Museum of Anthropology, the Art Museum or the College Archives. Longer internships may be pursued for additional credit hours.