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Potsdam Prepared: Spring 2022 Updates

Disability Studies

Minor in Disability Studies

The Disability Studies Minor at SUNY Potsdam provides an interdisciplinary, interdepartmental approach to the study of disability.  Based on the social model of disability, this program introduces students to a nuanced concept of the social construction of disability and explores issues in disability studies through multiple departments and programs of study.

The program’s flexibility allows for students to craft a unique path for their study of disability, allowing the minor program to augment their major field(s) of study, emphasize other aspects of their larger academic careers, and provide a focal point to engage in interdisciplinary study.  The program offers an introductory course that lays the groundwork for continuing the study of disability through a variety of courses (from departments across campus) as electives and culminates in a capstone project in experiential learning.

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