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English: Writing

B.A. in English: Writing

The English: Writing Major deepens students' capacity for thought and prepares students to reach audiences through the artful and purposeful use of the written word. Courses focus on rhetoric, creativity, and professional practice while introducing students to common forms in a variety of contexts. 

“In any profession or field of study, strong writing skills are essential. The writing major teaches students to establish credibility through their writing and to also adapt it for particular audiences and situations. Our students develop skills that writers use to face the ever-changing challenges of communication."

Jennifer Mitchell Associate Professor in the Department of English & Communication
Balancing Motherhood and Higher Ed

As she handles the responsibilities of marriage and motherhood, Elizabeth Criscitello ’22 has faced the challenges of adulthood much quicker than many of her classmates. Engaged at the end of her freshman year, married the following year, and then having her baby in the spring of 2020, she has continued to balance parenting with her educational goals as she pursues dual degrees in English writing and community health.

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