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Potsdam Prepared: Fall 2021 Updates

Connecting Clearly: Communication in the Major (CM-credits count in major)

(SUNY Information Management)
This requirement adopts a “communicating in the disciplines” model that transmits the skills required to both learn and create knowledge within the chosen academic field, and to develop a professional voice through opportunities to write and speak on substantive issues arising from the major. This requirement may be met by a single course covering both writing and speaking in the major, or by separate courses, one focusing on writing and the other on speaking, to be determined by the major department.

CM Criteria

The Connecting Clearly requirement:

  1. Provides students with specific models of at least two forms/modes of discipline-specific (within academic and/or professional contexts) written and oral communication.
  2. Offers students the opportunity to analyze those models in terms of their effectiveness at communicating ideas within the discipline (i.e., how and why they transmit salient information specifically among practitioners of the discipline).
  3. Offers students the opportunity to practice the particular communicative skills required to produce their own work in the forms/modes specified in #1.
  4. Provides feedback and opportunities for revision and refinement during multiple stages of the compositional process (i.e., not simply after the final product has been handed in).

CM Student Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this requirement students:

  1. Identify at least two types of written and oral communication specific to their discipline. (Applying)
  2. Explain what sorts of rhetoric are generally considered effective within the types of discipline specific communication they are studying. (Evaluating)
  3. Explain what sorts of evidence are generally considered valid within the types of discipline specific communication they are studying. (Evaluating)
  4. Produce (and accept feedback on) substantive written and oral work of their own that applies the understanding they have gained through analysis of models of the types of discipline-specific communication. (Creating)

Potsdam Pathways v. 3.2—Detailed Version 4.25.19
Total Credits 37