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Potsdam Prepared: Fall 2021 Updates

WAYS 301: Connecting the Ways of Thinking (3 cr.)

(SUNY Information Management)
WAYS 301 courses are meant to enhance students’ ability to make connections across academic disciplines and to provide the opportunity for self-assessment of this cross disciplinary approach to problem shaping. Led by two faculty members from different disciplines, students will examine a central issue from multiple perspectives. The course critically examines information from diverse sources,  shapes the issue through creative questioning, and explores and evaluates a range of solutions.

WAYS 301 Criteria

WAYS 301 courses:

  1. Provide guided practice in evaluating and selecting multiple sources of information from various disciplines that are relevant to the examined issue.
  2. Provide guided practice in integrating information across multiple disciplines and perspectives.
  3. Prepare students to:
    1. Use the information to formulate multiple approaches to address the examined issue.
    2. Analyze the outcomes of applying each approach to the examined issue.
    3. Assess the development of their individual critical thinking abilities.

WAYS 301 Student Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this course, students:

  1. Evaluate the relevance and validity of sources across multiple disciplines with a focus on identifying the authors’ assumptions and biases. (Evaluating)
  2. Synthesize information (e.g., examples, facts, theories) from multiple disciplines or perspectives to identify and describe the examined issue. (Creating)
  3. Reflect, in writing, and perhaps in other formats, on the evolution of their individual thought processes, awareness of their personal assumptions and biases, and how they might approach complex issues differently in the future. (Creating)

Potsdam Pathways v. 3.2—Detailed Version 4.25.19
Total Credits 37