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Potsdam Prepared: Fall 2021 Updates

Connections Between the Classroom and the World
Potsdam graduates will demonstrate an understanding of multiple worldviews and perspectives. In addition, they will apply their learning by integrating abilities, theories, and methodologies to grapple with complex problems. They will identify possible solutions and communicate their findings in forms appropriate to their disciplines.

Ways of Connecting 3 courses (9 credits) plus 2 requirements fulfilled in major

WAYS 301: Connecting the Ways of Thinking (3 cr.)
(SUNY Information Management)

WAYS 301 courses are meant to enhance students’ ability to make connections across academic disciplines and to provide the opportunity for self-assessment of this cross disciplinary approach to problem shaping. Led by two faculty members from different disciplines, students will examine a central issue from multiple perspectives. The course critically examines information from diverse sources,  shapes the issue through creative questioning, and explores and evaluates a range of solutions. View Criteria & Student Learning Outcomes

Connecting through Language Other than English (CL-3 cr.)
(SUNY Foreign Language)

These courses examine salient structural linguistic components of a language other than English as well as key cultural features of other-than-English language communities. Courses will develop effective ways to communicate in that language and will significantly increase students’ understanding and appreciation of a diverse range of non-English language communities and their creative contributions. View Criteria & Student Learning Outcomes

Connecting Globally (CG-3 cr.)
(SUNY Western Civilizations or SUNY Other World Civilizations)

This requirement engages students in the study of ideas, peoples, places, and/or life in specific global context(s) (not derived primarily from the United States) with a focus on the societies, civilizations, and/or cultural traditions in Africa, Asia, Oceania, the Americas, and/or Europe. View Criteria & Student Learning Outcomes

Connecting Clearly: Communication in the Major (CM-credits count in major)
(SUNY Information Management)

This requirement adopts a “communicating in the disciplines” model that transmits the skills required to both learn and create knowledge within the chosen academic field, and to develop a professional voice through opportunities to write and speak on substantive issues arising from the major. This requirement may be met by a single course covering both writing and speaking in the major, or by separate courses, one focusing on writing and the other on speaking, to be determined by the major department. View Criteria & Student Learning Outcomes

Connecting Theory to Practice through Applied Learning (CT-credits count in major)
(SUNY Applied Learning)

Connecting Theory to Practice through Applied Learning, which counts in the major, is a credit-bearing experience in which students learn by engaging in direct application of skills, theories, and models. Students apply knowledge and skills gained from traditional classroom learning to hands-on and/or real-world settings, creative projects or research, and then apply what they gained from their applied experience to their academic learning. The activity can be embedded as part of a course or can occur outside of the classroom. View Criteria & Student Learning Outcomes