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Potsdam Prepared: Fall 2021 Updates

Your First Year at SUNY Potsdam

During your first year at SUNY Potsdam you will take approximately five courses each semester – a total of around ten in your first year. Those courses will likely consist of:

  • Three WAYS of Beginning Seminars (all three classes will be completed throughout your first two semesters )
    • WAYS 101: Critical Thinking Seminar – View Courses
    • WAYS 102: College Writing Seminar - View Courses
    • WAYS 103: Speaking about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Seminar - View Courses
  • Perhaps a Core Writing course (for students who determine that they would benefit from strengthening their writing skills before taking WAYS 102: College Writing Seminar).
  • Other introductory courses in your major or to help you explore your interests as you decide which major is right for you.

The Potsdam Pathways Core Curriculum is set up to focus on some of the key skills that are so important for success ins college. Students will work closely with faculty and classmates in small seminar-style courses. Thinking critically, reading closely, writing clearly and speaking effectively are key components of various WAYS classes. We have found that students appreciate the chance to work on those skills while learning about a topic that interests them.

Instructions for Selecting Ways of Beginning Seminars