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Potsdam Prepared: Fall 2021 Updates
  1. Starting in April you will receive an email (on your Potsdam email account) with two online forms that start the process of registering for your WAYS of Beginning seminars.
    1. The WAYS Choice form lets you discover the class options for Fall WAYS 101 courses and indicate your top choices.
    2. The Directed Self Placement lets you complete a short reading and answer questions about the reading as well as your previous experiences with writing. This will help you reflect on whether WAYS 102 or Core Writing is the best fit for you in your first semester.
  2. After you have completed the rest of your orientation checklist, you will receive information about your summer advising appointment. This information should be available to you starting in mid-May.
  3. Before your advising appointment, we will register you for WAYS 101. You will find out which WAYS 101 seminar you are in at your advising appointment.
  4. Make sure to review the course options for WAYS 102 and WAYS 103. When you meet with your advisor this summer you will decide together what other WAYS of Beginning courses you will take in the Fall.
  5. You will take all 3 WAYS courses during your first year. Most students take two courses in the Fall and one course in the Spring. All first year students take WAYS 101 in the Fall.

Be sure to complete your WAYS forms early! Seminar spaces are limited and, once classes fill, they will no longer be available. The sooner you submit your form, the more choices you will have!


Christine Doran, Director of Potsdam Pathways General Education Program
Kailey Mahar, Assistant Director of Potsdam Pathways General Education Program

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