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Potsdam Prepared: Fall 2021 Updates

Substituting General Education Requirements

The components of the General Education program (General Education Foundations, Modes of Inquiry, and College Requirements)build on each other as students advance through the curriculum and become increasing sophisticated thinkers and learners. Individual General Education designators, therefore, cannot be waived and students are required to complete all components of the program.

However, we recognize that students can meet the criteria for individual General Education designators through many different ways. Under special circumstances, General Education designators can be met through substitutions. Students may petition the Director of General Education to meet requirements through other college-level courses that do not have that designator but that do fulfill the criteria.

Students should work closely with their academic advisor(s) each semester to plan a schedule that will fulfill their General Education requirements with courses that have approved designators. Generally, requests for substitutions will only be considered for students who are within 1-2 semesters of graduation and who are unable to complete General Education requirements because of scheduling conflicts with required courses.

To request a substitution for a General Education, please contact the director or complete the Review of GenEd Requirements form (PDF) and submit it to the General Education Office, 712 Raymond, .