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For Faculty and Advisors

A meaningful and effective General Education Program is one which provides the conscientious student opportunities to acquire knowledge, skills and experiences toward well-defined objectives. These learning objectives are broadly defined in "The Potsdam Graduate" statement and are specifically addressed by the courses, which can be used to fulfill the various components of the General Education curriculum. Each component has an underlying rationale which guides the course content and the required exercises, together with criteria and objectives against which student learning can be assessed. Further, the components have been designed to encourage development of increasingly more sophisticated skills from the freshman through the senior years.

Faculty are encouraged to apply for General Education designators for appropriate courses. Committee members, skills coordinators, and resource people are available to help develop student learning outcomes that meet the criteria and objectives for the General Education Foundations, Modes of Inquiry, and College Requirements. Please contact the director or submit the General Education Course Proposal form below.

General Education Committee Members

  • Alan Hersker, Director
  • Iggy Beerbower, Humanities & Fine Arts
  • Larry Brehm, Math & Natural Sciences
  • Peter Brouwer, School of Education & Professional Studies
  • David Curry, School of Arts & Sciences Appointee
  • Alla Semenova, Social Sciences
  • Gordon Plague, At-Large
  • Michael Schaff, Crane School of Music Appointee
  • Lisa Stewart, School of Education & Professional Studies Appointee

Skill Coordinators

  • David Curry, Critical Thinking
  • Dave Fregoe, Communication: Oral
  • Viki Levitt, Communication: Writing
  • Mark Misiak, Physical Education
  • Jessica Ramey, Information Literacy

Resource People

  • Thomas Baker, History, Director, Honors Program
  • Terry Francis, Transfer Admissions
  • Erica Kaiser, Admissions
  • Steve Marqusee, Dean, School of Arts & Sciences
  • Krista Medo, Assistant to the Dean, School of Arts & Sciences
  • Philip Neisser, Associate Dean, School of Arts & Sciences
  • Kathleen O’Rourke, Community Health
  • Jessica Ramey, Libraries
  • Judy Singh, Director Institutional Research and Assessment
  • Martin Walker, Chemistry, DL Chair
  • Adam Wheeler, Community Health