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Academic Skills & Support


Individualized consultation is available in the following areas:

  • Learning and Study Skill Development
    TRIO staff provide academic tutoring in learning strategies, study skills and time management. These services may be offered to you prior to assigning you (a) peer content tutor(s) or as a supplement to your peer content tutoring.
  • Academic Planning
    Course planning prior to meeting with academic advisors; identifying the consequences of selecting the S/U option for a course or for dropping or withdrawing from a course; and/or transferring to another school or withdrawing from SUNY Potsdam.
  • Peer Content Tutoring
    TRIO initially accepts one (1) tutor request from each participant. Requests are accepted from the beginning of the second week of each semester. Tutor requests are fulfilled subject to tutor availability.

    TRIO is unable to provide tutors in the following areas:
    • technique courses such as: Art, Dance, Drama, Music and Theatre;
    • senior seminar courses in any department;
    • cross registration and/or on-line courses offered by another institution.
  • Advocacy
    TRIO staff members not only advocate for students, but also assist them in becoming strong self-advocates.
  • Enhanced Early Alerts
  • Academic Recovery Program
    TRIO staff members work closely with students on Warning or Probation to regain Acceptable Academic Standing.

 Academic Resources

125 Sisson Hall is available to TRIO participants for tutoring/studying. It has two desktop computers with multiple platforms, but no printers.

TRIO TiP Sheets on a variety of learning skills, study strategies, forming study groups, test taking, advising basics, etc. are available upon request from TRIO staff.