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Admissions Requirements

In addition to the key elements below regarding a graduate application, please visit the application checklist, which outlines the general requirements for a graduate application. If you are an international applicant, you should also visit the supplemental requirements for international applicants.

A.) Enrollment Classifications

Students who have applied to be degree-seeking students may be awarded admission in two different ways:

  • Full Admission: Granted to applicants who have satisfied all admissions requirements
  • Conditional Admission: Granted to qualified applicants who do not yet meet certain criteria needed to be granted traditional or "full" admission. Applicants must successfully meet all conditions to their admission within the required timeframes to be granted full admission and the ability for their degree to be awarded (i.e. completion of content core requirements, academic performance such as GPA's below the minimum, or language proficiency).

B.) Application Deadlines

Application deadlines refer to a time that all components of an application must be submitted and the application is ready for review by the appropriate admissions committee. Spring refers to a January start, Summer refers to a May start, and Fall refers to a start at the end of August/early September. Please note the following deadlines by program:

  • Crane School of Music: For MM Education and Performance Programs, the deadlines are as follows: Spring - November 15th (Note: This deadline is for all materials except the audition, which may be taken in December), Summer - May 1st, Fall - May 1st. For full consideration for Graduate Assistantships and Crane Scholarships for the academic year, the deadline for applications is March 2nd. Note that these are NOT recommended, but are firm deadlines.
  • All other Graduate programs: Note that deadlines for all other programs are recommended deadlines for full consideration not only for admission, but many scholarship opportunities. However, these programs do evaluate and admit on a rolling basis. Recommended deadlines are: Summer - March 1st, Fall - April 1st, Spring - October 15th

C.) General Requirements

  • Evidence of an earned baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university. International students should consult the International Graduate Student page for information on U.S. Equivalency guidelines. An unofficial transcript may be submitted for the purpose of obtaining an admissions decision. However, proof of completion of bachelor's degree requirements, and conferral of that degree must be submitted no later than the end of the fourth week of classes.
  • International students where English is not their primary language must refer to the International Graduate Student page to obtain information about important requirements regarding English language proficiency.
  • A minimum undergraduate grade point average as indicated within each specific program of study. All programs utilize the most recent 60 credits for GPA purposes (unless otherwise indicated):
    • The MA Math program requires a minimum 2.75 GPA in the most recent 60 credit hours.
    • The following programs require a 3.0 GPA in the most recent 60 credit hours (unless otherwise indicated): MA English, MM Performance*, MM Music*,  MSEd Curriculum and Instruction, MSEd Literacy Educator, MSEd Literacy Specialist, MSEd Educational Technology Specialist*, MSEd Special Education, MS Organizational Performance & Technology, MS Community Health, MST Childhood, MST Adolescent (English, Math, Social Studies and Science), Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS), Inclusive and Special Education*

*Requires 3.0 overall GPA |Note: Conditional admission for the program you are applying to may be available

  • Submission of application components as outlined in the Application Checklist. Note that some programs require very specific items related to that degree only. These items are outlined below, as well as on the program pages.

D.) Program Specific Application Requirements

  • Applicants seeking admission to graduate programs in music should refer to The Crane School of Music admissions requirements. There are detailed requirements pertaining to auditions and entry exams that must be reviewed. Please make note of the specific application deadlines for these programs.
  • For MST Adolescent education programs, the equivalent to an undergraduate content major in the chosen field is required (i.e. BA or BS in Physics, English, or Literature).
  • For applicants to the English and Communication degree -
    • Applicants shall have earned a bachelor's degree with a major in English, Communication, or Writing from an accredited college or university. Outstanding applicants who hold degrees in other areas maybe admitted, but they should be aware that additional coursework might be required.
    • A writing sample, preferably a recent essay written for an upper-level English or Communication course that shows evidence of scholarly research and writing.