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Regional Alumni Chapters

The success of an Alumni Chapter is directly related to the commitment and involvement of volunteers in the region.

Committee volunteers provide an invaluable resource by serving as the link from the regional population of alumni to the College. The goal of an Alumni Chapter is to promote the best interest of SUNY Potsdam and its alumni. To learn more or join a chapter, contact

Albany Chapter Volunteers
Eldon Harris '05
BethAnne Crowder Hutchinson '82
Amy Kellogg '99
Cathleen O'Connor '76
Elizabeth J. Sheffer-Winig ‘73
Tiffany Conn Soricelli '06
Tammy Weinman '92

Boston Chapter Volunteers
Anne Bonnet '76
Suzanne Lavoie Carty '95
Matthew Cotty '09
Brian Kern '88
Justin Lefler '10
Amy McKeown '89
Vanessa Breault Mulvey '90
Jordan Summers '10
Bishal Thapa '05

IBM Group
Patrick Caffrey '81
Gregory Lacey '82
Patrice DeLaus Scully '81

New York City/Long Island Chapter Volunteers
Audrey Saccone '12
Allison O'Reilly '10
Audrie MacDuff King '11
Claudia Ruiz '02
Beverly Santos '10
Tony Tambasco '02
Anissa Arnold Wilensky '92

Rochester Chapter Volunteers
Val Foote '11
Jane Morale '80
Sarah Farrell Partner '78
Jeffery Washburn '79

Syracuse Chapter Volunteers
Donna Collett Ce' Cartel '81
Colleen McAllister Cicotta '07
Carol Dumka '75
Robert Gray '87
Annie Higgings '06
Sarah Mack '04
Brian McDowell '82
Jessica Moquin '00
Betsy Webb-Bronzetti '79