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American String Teachers Association

Mission Statement

The collegiate chapter of ASTA (American String Teachers Association) is in existence to promote awareness of the profession of string teaching. It provides members with resources to strengthen their knowledge of string education and to become an advocate in the field.

Organizational Goals

The Key Goals/Benefits of ASTA are to:

  1. Give students access to information about string teaching and provide ways to promote awareness about the profession within their school community.
  2. Provide students with community outreach opportunities that revolve around string playing and teaching.

Currently, ASTA is working on

  • Hosting a weekend strings festival for school age children;
  • Sponsoring alone or combining with other collegiate professional music organizations to present guest speaker forums on music education;
  • Offering student teaching help/services to local string educators in the North Country;
  • Holding a folder reading session; and
  • Participating in fund raising activities for the organization.

Recent Activities

  • Brought in guest artist Bruce Molsky, a professional fiddler, for instructional workshops and a concert (an endeavor in conjunction with the Presidential Scholar program).
  • Outreached to local school districts to help teach middle and high school students.
  • Attended the annual ASTA conference.
  • Sponsored a "String Health Day" at Crane.
  • Organized a Folder Reading Session

Contact Information

Faculty Adviser: Jennifer Kessler, 315.267.2948

Additional Links

National Site:

Facebook--ASTA Crane School of Music Chapter