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Anime Club

Mission Statement

SUNY Potsdam Anime Club is all about bringing anime and Japanese culture to campus, whether it is through menga/anime, food, or other hobbies. Every type of Japanese lover is accepted at the club and welcomed to join us and make new friendships.

Organizational Goals

The Anime Club brings together those people with the similar interest of Anime, while also introducing students to a more comprehensive understanding of Anime and, as such, Japan. The students involved with the club will get insight to the culture of Japan and other Asian cultures.

Recent Activities

  • Cosplay Picnic
  • Beary Sweet Maidcafe, based on Japanese Maid cafes
  • Involved with Bearcon
  • Popcorn nights to watch anime related movies
  • Themed Anime Meetings

Contact Information

Adviser: Shiho Imai, e-mail:

Additional Links

SUNY Potsdam Anime Club on Facebook: