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The Gibson Gallery

The Gibson Gallery located in Brainerd Hall is the largest and most prominent exhibition area with three spaces within it- the Balcony Gallery, the Brick Gallery, and the Main Gallery- that can function as either distinct or combined display areas to showcase either three smaller exhibits or one large show. It contains over 3,300 square feet of climate controlled secure space.

The Hosmer Hall Gallery

The Hosmer Hall Gallery located within the Crane Music Complex offers concert goers a chance to view art during musical performances.

Dunn Hall Display

The display area in the Dunn Theatre lobby can showcase a number of smaller works and is highly trafficked during college performances and graduation events.


The museum also includes a Print and Drawing Study and Storage room as well as a Painting and Sculpture Study and Storage room that can function as laboratories for studio classes and where students can do hands on research in preservation and restoration of major works of art.