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Connections Series: Putting It All Together

Connections Series: Putting It All Together

March 13, 2019 12:00 PM to March 20, 2019 01:00 PM

Counseling Center, Van Housen

Connections Series: Six weekly educational and experiential group meetings held by Counseling Center director, Gena Nelson, to improve self-awareness and communication. Students are welcome to come to any or all!  RSVP to the Connections Series events on the Get Involved website to make your experience count!

Goal: Putting It All Together

For those who have come to more than one meeting, share what you’ve learned and areas you will continue to work. Were there any “ah-hah” moments? If you haven’t joined us yet, please come to hear what this series might do for you.  If there’s enough interest, we may be able to run a second series this semester.

Session Description:

This series provides a warm and supportive environment in which you can experiment constructively with new ways of relating to others, get feedback about communication styles, and express fears and concerns about communicating in various situations. Students participate in this series to understand communication difficulties in relationships, learn how others perceive them, and to seek support when experimenting with new relational behaviors.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will learn how to interpret behavioral clues such as body language that may inform them how best to relate to others.
  • Students will meet others who struggle with similar difficulties of creating relationships with their peers.
  • Students will learn self-awareness techniques related to socializing with others.
  • Students will gain real-time feedback about challenging communication styles.

Summit Competencies Covered:

Healthy Behavior: Engage in purposeful behavior with the goal of improving one or more of the following health variables: physical, emotional, spiritual, social, occupational, or intellectual.

Purposeful & Fulfilling Life: Identify and work toward achieving personal and professional goals.

This workshop counts for Explore Leadership Development.

Summit: Healthy Behavior