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Funding and Awards

Every little bit helps.

The CCI is committed to supporting your professional development. To that end, we provide events, services, and resources.  In addition, we update this site with funding and award opportunities whenever possible.  If you find a source you think should be added to the site, please let us know by contacting  Questions regarding grant writing are best directed to the Research and Sponsored Programs Office [RSPO].


The Lougheed Applied Learning Grants support faculty and staff activities that improve student participation in high impact and Applied Learning activities, including, but not limited to, curricular transformation, laboratory materials and equipment, transportation costs, professional development, course releases, travel delegations, and new programs. Endowed funds will generate approximately $100,000 each academic year. For award criteria and application information, go to Lougheed Applied Learning Grants.

The CCI accepts applications for the Facul-TE Awards three times during the academic year. These awards support faculty teaching excellence projects directly related to professional development in improving teaching and learning. All faculty, including adjunct faculty, are eligible to apply. For award criteria and application information, go to Facul-TE Funding.

Campus Funding

Various departments, offices, and programs across campus fund professional development. Your department office usually is the best place initially to inquire about funding. Administrative staff and department chairs often are able to explain what funding and other forms of support—such as course releases—might be available; and administrative assistants often can explain how to apply. In addition, each of the three Academic Deans’ Offices and the Provost’s Office offer some support for certain kinds of activities, such as faculty travel with students. Direct your initial inquiries about the latter forms of funding to your department office. If necessary, you may inquire in the office of your dean.

The Human Resources webpage posts information about additional professional development opportunities, including information on SUNY Center for Professional Development “points” (CPD points) available as payment for participation in SUNY CPD Training & Development events.

UUP-related faculty support programs are currently on hold, but those funding opportunities may be available when the current contract negotiations are completed. In the past, these programs have included the Drescher Leave Program, which provides a full semester of leave to some faculty members in certain categories (e.g., minorities, women, employees with disabilities, and employees with military status) who were preparing for permanent or continuing appointment.

Finally, the Center for Applied Learning often is able to provide funding to support faculty projects that promise to provide applied learning opportunities for students.