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"This year I am focusing my SEFA contribution on GardenShare. GardenShare is a local organization that brings together the two issues I am most concerned about - poverty/inequality and environmental sustainability. GardenShare helps low-income families right here in the north country gain access to fresh, healthy, affordable food while at the same time supporting local farmers, educating our community, helping to grow our local food system, and reducing our carbon footprint. Win-win-win-win! And every one of my dollars stays right here tackling these important issues." - Heather Sullivan-Catlin

"I give to Hospice and Palliative Care of St. Lawrence Valley - they provided important support when it was needed the most. I try to change my secondary donation each year in order to help other organizations as well. Since we live in such a rural area, I gave to North Country Life Flight one year. Shortly after I filled out my SEFA donation form, they were called on to provide transport to a critically injured local person ? I remember feeling thankful that I had helped in a small way, through my donation." - Sue Jones