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Potsdam Prepared: Fall 2021 Updates

Post-Degree Readmission Application

Post-Degree Readmission Application

For All Returning Students: : It is strongly advised that you submit your application by the end of March for the fall semester and by the end of October for the spring semester. If you have any holds on your account or owe money to the college or another SUNY school, these must be cleared before your application for readmission can be reviewed.

For Students Seeking Readmission to the Crane School of Music: You must also be cleared by the School of Music administration, which may delay the readmission process. Details about readmission to Crane can be found in the Crane Student Handbook ('Procedure for Readmission'). For students who have sat out more than two full semesters or who have failed out of a music degree program, additional steps may be required, as explained in the Handbook.

If you have attended another institution since leaving Potsdam, you must forward an official transcript of your coursework, bearing the seal and/or signature of an appropriate school official to the Admissions Office (44 Pierrepont Avenue, Potsdam, NY 13676).

A decision regarding your application for readmission to SUNY Potsdam may be delayed until we have received all official transcripts from the above schools.

I am requesting readmission for the following semester:
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If planning to return as a matriculated student to complete a Second Degree:
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