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The Philosophy Forum

The Philosophy Forum is one of the most active and visible student organizations on campus. Open to all, the Forum meets most Thursday evenings at 7 pm throughout the semester. Regular Forum activities consist of discussions of current events, films, and articles, paper presentations by philosophy students and faculty, and by faculty from other SUNY Potsdam departments and other universities. The Forum also sponsors an autumn Mixer, a student trip to an undergraduate philosophy conference in the spring, and an annual picnic. Special 2004-05 Forum events included participation in the president's student debate series, a 2004 election watch party, a panel presentation and discussion by three visiting Ukrainian professors on their nation's 2004 Orange Revolution, and a paper on William James by one of our graduates, who is pursuing an advanced degree in philosophy at Temple University.

Watch for posters around campus announcing Forum events or send an e-mail message to Dr. David C. K. Curry requesting that your name be added to The Philosophy Forum mailing list.

All Students: Call for Papers!

Any student is welcome to present a paper on a philosophical topic for the The Philosophy Forum. We are always interested in our classmates' current academic interests and works-in-progress. In particular, we encourage students who plan to attend graduate school to present a paper, for at least two reasons: first, your paper, which could serve as a writing sample for your grad school application, likely will benefit from your peers' critical comments; second, presenting a paper for the Forum offers you a chance to practice -- in a comfortable setting among friends -- an activity common to the professional academic. For more information, contact Dr. Curry.