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Sociology Club

Mission Statement:

The purpose of our organization is to increase students' awareness of sociological issues and concerns. We are primarily Sociology students but are open to all majors. We strive to let students know what Sociology is and how it can make a difference.

Organizational Goals:

We are currently working to amend our Constitution and to promote a strong community with other student groups on the SUNY Potsdam campus. We are focusing a lot of our efforts this year on education, advocacy, social activism, and community involvement.

Recent Activities:

  • ?What Would You Do With A Sociology Degree?? hosted annually
  • ?What Would You Do?? - an event geared toward harassment and discrimination
  • Hosting guest speakers, such as the executive director of New Yorkers for Alternatives to the Death Penalty
  • Wish list drive for the Renewal House and survivors of Domestic Violence
  • Host discussion panels regularly, such as one of our most successful events, ?The Anatomy of Hate: A Dialogue of Hope?
  • Help host the regional Sociology Conference here on SUNY Potsdam's campus

Contact Information:

Dr. David Bugg:

Additional Links:

For the most up-to-date information, please visit our Facebook page: