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Spring 2009 Course Schedule

Spring 2009 courses

ANTH 106 01Ancient People and Places11-12:15TuTh Staff

ANTH 106 02Ancient People and Places 2-3:15 MW Kruczek-Aaron

The survey of world prehistory illustrates the varied perspectives and techniques of archaeology. Case studies highlight ancient places and the people who lived in them.

ANTH 111 01 Introduction to Anthropology10-10:50 MWF Hersker

ANTH 111 02 Introduction to Anthropology9-9:50 MWFHersker

This course focuses on the discipline of anthropology. We will learn about the different subdivisions of anthropology: cultural, biological, linguistics and archaeology and how each collects and analyzes data. We will learn about the similarities and differences between cultures and why they exist. We will learn how anthropology may be applied to future issues and how it may contribute to your future.

ANTH 150 01 Human Sexuality 11-12:15TuThWhelehan

Biological, evolutionary, and social aspects of human sexuality, examined from a cross-cultural perspective. Not for first semester freshmen.

ANTH 161 01 Origins of Language 10-10:50 MTuWTh Johnson-Weiner

Perhaps no aspect of our behavior appears so uniquely human as language. But when did language appear? How is human language different from the communication of other creatures? Recognizing that it is unlikely that a single factor is responsible for the evolution of language, this course draws on research from such diverse areas as linguistics, anthropology, and psychology to answer these questions.

ANTH 201 01 Human Origins-Lecture 10-10:50MWFPykles

ANTH 201 02Human Origins-Lab 10-11:50 ThPykles

ANTH 201 03 Human Origins-Lab 1-2:50Th Pykles

ANTH 201 04Human Origins-Lab 3-4:50 ThPykles

This course is an introduction to physical anthropology, which is the study of human variability and adaptation. We will study the concepts of evolution, genetics, primatology, skeletal biology, and demography using the scientific framework of theory testing. These will build a foundation of knowledge that will allow us to explore human origins and evolution, and understand modern human diversity.

ANTH 202 02Cultural Anthropology 9:30-10:45TuThSchwarz

ANTH 202 03Cultural Anthropology 3:30-4:45MWSchwarz

ANTH 202 HNRS Cultural Anthropology 11-11:50 MWFOmohundro

A survey of the subdiscipline of anthropology that uses the concept of culture to interpret human history and behavior in all societies and at all times. Introduction to the various research methods of cultural anthropology. Emphasis is placed on the application of social and cultural concepts when analyzing behavior.

ANTH 204 01 Archaeology ? lecture 9-9:50MWFStaff

ANTH 204 02Archaeology ? lab 10-11:50 FStaff

ANTH 204 03Archaeology ? lab 1-2:50 F Staff

ANTH 204 04Archaeology ? lab 3-4:50 F Staff

Leads the student through the development of modern archaeological methods and theory to an examination of major questions posed by today?s archaeological investigations. Students learn how archaeologists use survey, excavation, and laboratory analysis to reconstruct the past. Hands-on laboratory exercises will be used to explain how archaeology reveals ancient diets and environments, ancient economic, political and social systems, and ancient religions and rituals.

ANTH 270 01Museum Studies 2-3:15MWPerkins

History and purposes of museums; types and varieties; organization and functions; role in culture and community; study of collections, curation, exhibition, research, grant writing, conservation, and education.

ANTH 301 01 Issues in Physical Anthropology 11-12:15 TuTh Usher

Analyzes topics in physical anthropology using recent literature, including human evolution and contemporary variation. Emphasizes interaction of culture and biology and uses evidence from paleontology, genetics, archaeology, primatology and cultural anthropology.

LNGS 301 01 Language and Structure 8-9:15MW Johnson-Weiner

Explores the structures of sounds, words and phrases. Analyzes the evolution of structural differences and Old, Middle, and Modern Englishes. Examines behaviorlism and universal grammar and their implications for the acquisitions of language.

ANTH 305 01 Applying Anthropology 1-1:50 MWFHersker

This course will introduce students to the way in which anthropological theory and method are used practically in occupation related to health and medicine, international development, environment, government, business and education, immigration and poverty.

ANTH 316 01 Archaeological Laboratory Techniques 2-4:30 FPykles

Preservation, preparation for analysis, and preliminary analysis of results of field research (field data and artifacts).

ANTH 319 01 Public and Private Archaeology 2-4:30TuPykles

In this course students will learn about the varied employment opportunities for archaeologists, develop knowledge and skills they will need as professional archaeologists, and produce tangible materials using these skills that will help them successfully enter the professional world of archaeology in the twenty-first century.

ANTH 345 01 Medical Anthropology 9:30-10:45TuThWhelehan

Relationship among health, culture, individual, and environment; cross-cultural look at healer-patient relationships, western and non-western perceptions of disease paleopathology, psychiatry and applied aspects of medical anthropology. Coursework in biology helpful.

ANTH 353 01/ GEOG 350 World and US Geography12-12:50WWeets


All students EXCEPT elementary education majors. Covers the nature of geography and its history, major theories and approaches used by geographers, the various types of maps and tools; major concepts in the fields of economic and political geography and how these systems interact on a global scale across political boundaries, and the various ways in which humans interact with environments around the world.

ANTH 357 01/ GEOG 360 Social Geography 9-9:50WWeets


This course introduces students to the physical environments of the world, human interaction with those environments, the world?s political units and the social issues that different countries and peoples of the world must face. We will be looking at several issues that are pertinent to our world today: ethnic struggles, racism, population trends, problems of urbanization, the effects of global market economies, environmental impacts, and others. Examples will be drawn from contemporary, recent and past cultures from around the world.

ANTH 358 01 Cross Cultural Approaches to Art 3:30-4:45MWPerkins

This course approaches the changing definitions of this category from both contemporary and historical perspectives. Study will include material from four broad cultural areas in detail: Native American, Aboriginal Australian, African and Chinese. The course will address broad topics such as the ritual use of art, authenticity, aesthetics, tradition and modernity, art education, social memory, politics and creativity.

ANTH 359 01 African American Archaeology 11-12:15TuThKruczek-Aaron

This course explores African-American culture history as it has been reconstructed from the archaeological record. Special attention will be placed on the role of the institution of slavery played on the development of African-American culture from its inception to the Civil War.

ANTH 391 01 Theory and Method 9-9:50MWFOmohundro

A series of increasingly complex exercises thinking anthropologically about human history and behavior, using a variety of methods, data and theoretical approaches.

ANTH 392 01 Anthropological Teaching Methods TBA Hersker

ANTH 392 02 Anthropological Teaching Methods TBA Kruczek-Aaron

ANTH 392 03 Anthropological Teaching Methods TBA Omohundro

ANTH 392 04 Anthropological Teaching Methods TBA Stebbins

ANTH 392 05 Anthropological Teaching Methods TBA Pykles

Anthropological teaching methods will be designed to give students practical experience in anthropology including lecturing, exam preparation and laboratory teaching.

ANTH 395A 01 Fieldwork Essentials 11-12:15TuThSchwarz

This course is an upper-level course in ethnographic fieldwork. Students will be given training and hands on experience in a number of data collection methods commonly used by cultural anthropologists, such as interview and participant observation. The course will also address qualitative and quantitative data analysis techniques and the ethics of conducting research with human subjects.

ANTH 395 01 Gender Through the Ages 2-4:30TuKruczek-Aaron

This course highlights the idea of gender as a culture construction via a study of a range of case studies from various world areas and time periods. These studies will show how archaeologists and other anthropologists have studied gender, and they will reveal the may ways that gender has impacted the daily lives of men and women through time and across space. Counts as a WS course and MC course in the Women and Gender Studies program.

ANTH 432 01Native American Cultures 6-8:40 PM WStaff

A research seminar that will investigate the history of a Native American community, how it adapted to the changes brought on by European contact, and the community?s present social environment.

ANTH 457 01 Dental Anthropology 12:30-1:45TuTh Weets

This course will expose students to the many uses of human dentition in anthropological studies. Topics will include: tooth modification, cultural variation in concepts of beauty and care, forensic odontology, evolution and development of human dentition, metric and morphological variation, biodistancing of human populations.

ANTH 470 01 Museum Internship TBA Perkins

Student interns are placed either within the Weaver Museum or off campus in a nearby gallery, museum, or historical agency. They conceive and set up archival projects, work at organizing Weaver Museum and departmental research collections and coordinate the activities of beginning student assistants.

ANTH 480 01Senior Seminar Practicum 3:30-5:10TuThWhelehan

Selected topics aimed at integrating anthropological concepts into future lives of graduates. Enables them to understand meanings of these concepts for personal, social and career aspirations.

ANTH 490 02 Internship in AnthropologyTBA Usher

ANTH 490 04 Internship in AnthropologyTBA Whelehan

ANTH 490 05 @internship Encyclopedia of SexTBA Whelehan

Integration of anthropological concepts and methodology through work as research or administrative assistants with various local governmental agencies under supervision of a sponsoring faculty member.

ANTH 491 01 Internship in Applied AnthropologyTBA Hersker

The intern will apply anthropological methods, theories, perspectives, and data to meet the needs of a public or private sector organization. Potential projects may include evaluating, and resolving social problems, implementing and analyzing public policy, or addressing the practical needs of community organizations or businesses. Students will work under the direction of a faculty member and a representative of the sponsoring organization. Interns will be expected to present their project at a department colloquium and a professional meeting or conference.

ANTH 495 01 Black Indians 2-3:15MW Stebbins

This class will examine the intersection histories and cultures of Native Americans and African Americans.