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Choosing Your Path

Career Information Links

Career Assessment Tools

Career assessments can help you find the words to describe yourself more effectively. Check out these free assessments below and call (315) 267-2507 to make an appointment with a career coach to discuss which assessments would work best for you.

Vista Card Sort is a fun and experiential card sort tool that will help you discover your values, interests, skills and traits. In addition to gaining words to describe yourself, you will receive a code which links to careers that may be of interest.

Strength Quest is an online assessment which helps to identify your top 5 talents. Knowing your five talents will help you maximize your full potential as an individual and a team member and can be used to achieve academic, career, and personal success.

Focus 2 is an online assessment that helps you assess, explore, and make decisions related to your major and career interests. You will take quick assessments related to work interests, personality, skills, values, and leisure activities. Focus 2 will then provide careers/majors that may be of interest based on your results. Please note: When registering as a new user, you will need to use the access code “bears”.

If you would like assistance in interpreting your Focus 2 results, please call (315) 267-2507 to make an appointment with a career coach.