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Sigma Gamma Phi (Arethusa)

Mission Statement
"The aim of Arethusa is to foster honor in each of its members. It creates situations in which every girl is given opportunities to sacrifice her own selfish desires for the good of the sorority. She learns to think of personal honor and of the honor and advancement of her sorority. Thus through altruism she learns the true meaning of honor and builds it into her character. (Taken from

Arethusa is a unique blend of sisters. It is our individuality that holds us together. Love, loyalty, friendship and mutual respect are what we hold dear.

Date Founded: October 14, 1989

Colors: Navy Blue, Kelly Green, & White

Number of Members: 20

Symbol: Dolphin

Philanthropy: Cystic Fibrosis

Arethusa stands for sisterhood. Like any other social sorority, the key to the success of any chapter is the bond of sisterhood. Joining a sorority means making life long friendships.

Through both the new member program and as a sister, you will have ample opportunity to explore leadership roles. From executive board positions to committee chairs, members have an opportunity to lead as they learn more about themselves.

Sorority life also promotes scholarship and career opportunities. Your primary purpose at school is to get an education. Today, with more and more people entering the job market, you need to take every advantage. Through alumnae contacts and reunions, our sisters are able to get valuable career advice.

You will also get the opportunity to make a difference in the community through various fundraising and volunteer work.

Individually Unique, Together Complete.

Recent Activities
Being a social/service sorority, we participate in many community service projects, as well as donating to many charities. Recently, we held a can drive, made bracelets, dorm stormed, and tabled around town to benefit Cystic Fibrosis. We also have made cards for cancer and participated in the local suicide walk.

Contact Info

We would love for you to meet the sisters of Arethusa!

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