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Third Century Endowment

The Third Century Student Endowment is a reoccurring opt-out fee that, if approved, will be included on the College bill of each undergraduate SUNY Potsdam student in the amount of $10 a semester. 

The details of this Endowment are:

  • Students who support the Third Century Student Endowment from 2012-2016 will become members of the exclusive "Bicentennial Club" in recognition of their support in honor of the College's bicentennial celebration in 2016.
  • For the first 10 years, the Third Century Student Endowment will be used to establish and grow an endowment with the Potsdam College Foundation, Inc. with the sole purpose of supporting the multiple day, student lead, multi-organizational "Spring-Fest" in perpetuity.
  • Beginning in 2022, SUNY Potsdam undergraduate students will vote by referendum, once every four years, to determine the purpose for future funds created by the Third Century Student Endowment.
    The principal of the endowments are designed to remain invested in perpetuity.
  • Interest generated from the endowments will be spent according to student referenda.
  • The purpose of the Third Century Student Endowment is to create accessible funds to enhance the SUNY Potsdam student experience indefinitely, while establishing a tradition of philanthropy.
  • The Third Century Student Endowment will create a link between the students of today and of tomorrow, forever linking students to their alma mater.