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2016-2017 Student Gift

The Emerging Leaders were busy with leadership skill development this year as well as a few fundraising activities. Overall the students raised $4,818. The events included Potsdam Appreciation Week, GlowBall, Bears Paw It Forward, and Family Feud.

2015-2016 Student Gift

With the second semester starting, the students are off to a great start., raising more than $1,800 for the Greatest Needs of the College. The students are gearing up for the Bears Paw It Forward student giving campaign and then the Mr/Ms University event in March.

2014-2015 Student Gift

The Emerging Leaders have kicked off the academic year with their first big fundraiser -- PAW -- Potsdam Appreciation Week, Nov. 3-9. This year the students raised at total of $1,361. They will be working on raising the love of Potsdam through the holidays, then as a service project set up for the SnowBall at the beginning of the second semester. And of course then there is the Mr/Ms UNIVERS-ity contest. When all tallied, the students raised $4,703.33 for the College's Greatest Needs.

2013-2014 Student Gift

As the academic year draws to a close, the student gift looks very good for the year. Unofficially, the students on campus raised $5,967. The Emerging Leaders group spearhead the fundraising efforts with events such as PAW (Potsdam Appreciation Week), ticket sales for SnowBall, and the Mr/Ms UNVIERS-ity Contest. Their efforts are matched by funding from the Student Government Association.

Potsdam Appreciation Week 2015

From Fall 2015 to Spring 2016, our group raised $6,353 for the Student Gift.

Potsdam Appreciation Week 2013 Photo Potsdam Appreciation Week 2014

From Fall 2014 to Spring 2015, Emerging Leaders raised $4,703.30 for the Student Gift.

Potsdam Appreciation Week 2013

From Fall 2013 to Spring 2014, our group raised $5,966.70 for the Student Gift.