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Summer Orientation FAQs

Where do I go for orientation registration?
Registration is held in the Bowman South Residence Hall common area on the 1st floor. Check in is from 8:45 - 9:30 a.m. on the first day of each session. Students and guests are encouraged to park in Lot 31 and follow the signs to our check in area.

It says that Registration is from 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. What time should I be there?

  • You should arrive on campus to allow for enough time to check in at registration before having to go to your first session at 9:30 a.m.
  • Please keep in mind that approximately 250 other people will also be registering during this time.

I will not arrive before registration ends. Where should I go?
Please go to Sisson Hall Room 128. Our administrative assistant will be there to check you in.

What time will orientation end on the second day?
Orientation will end around noon on the second day following academic advising.

What kind of events will take place at orientation?
Students will be kept busy with informative, fun, and social events in addition to registering for their fall semester classes.

What do parents do during Orientation? Will I be with my student?
Parents attend many informative and interactive sessions concerning campus services. Parents and students have different agendas.

Where do I find the agenda?
The Family and Student agendas are posted on the Orientation website

What should I bring to stay overnight in the residence hall?

  • Pillow, sheets, personal toiletries, an alarm clock, and an umbrella if the weather is wet and a sweater or jacket for the air-cool buildings.Students and guests are NOT provided with linens, so please make sure that you have some with you.
  • The residence halls are not air-conditioned. You are encouraged to bring a fan from home.

What else do I bring to orientation?
You will need a government issued photo ID and your Campus Computer Account information that includes your username and password.

How many guests can come?

  • It is strongly encouraged to have no more than two guests for each student in order for the college to accommodate more students.
  • If you find that special circumstances need to be discussed, please contact the Orientation Office at (315) 267-2580.

How much will I be charged if I have children who are under 13 years old to attend orientation as a guest?
Children 13 years and under will be charged $40.00.

As a parent I would like to come to orientation, but I don't want to eat. Will there be a charge?
Due to the size of each orientation session it is difficult to make these special accommodations, therefore every guest must pay the orientation guest fee.

I have a food allergy, how will that be handled?
Please indicate your allergy under "special accommodations" in the registration screen and a special meal will be prepared for you.

Why do I need to come to orientation?

  • Orientation is a very important part of the transition process from high school to college;
  • This is when you register for fall classes; learn about campus resources;
  • Plus you'll have a blast and meet lots of new friends!

Do I have to stay overnight during orientation?

  • All students are expected to stay over during orientation to be part of the complete "orientation" experience.
  • The evening is filled with fun events and time to talk to your Orientation Leader about course selection.

Do I have a room by myself?

  • Students will be assigned to room with another student. This student will most likely not be your roommate in the fall semester.
  • Guests will be housed in a room of their own.

Will I have my own bathroom?
Bathrooms in the residence hall are shared.

What is there to do if I don't attend orientation but stay in the area while my student is on campus?
The area has a variety of attractions that can be found by visiting

Do I need to have health forms turned in by Orientation Session?
A student may attend orientation prior to submitting their health forms, but please keep in mind that if the health forms are not processed by the start of the first semester all of the student's classes will be dropped.

Are guests required to stay overnight on campus during the student's orientation?
Family members are not required to stay on campus, but certainly are welcomed to; staying on campus would be more economical, but it depends on your personal preferences.