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Potsdam Prepared: Fall 2021 Updates

Relaxation Room (The Labyrinth)

Due to COVID-19, the Labyrinth Room is being utilized as a separate waiting room for Student Health Services. This allows their main office to remain sterile for COVID-19 testing.

"It is solved by walking..." - Augustine

The Potsdam Labyrinth was created and donated to the college by the SUNY Potsdam Counseling Center in the fall semester of 2002. In response to the attacks of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, SUNY Potsdam initiated a program to honor both our campus' and our nation's resilience to these attacks and the courage shown by students and citizens alike. The Labyrinth was the centerpiece of this program.

Built by the Counseling Center staff with help from students, faculty, administration and physical plant personnel, our Labyrinth is based on the same design as was used for the ancient path in the Chartres Cathedral in France (built in the middle ages). Since it's unveiling, our labyrinth has been used by various professors, departments and campus organizations as a meditative instrument. Walking its path is a contemplative experience like no other.

Its dimensions are 36 X 36 and it is made of canvas, allowing for easy transport to various campus locations. In constructing the labyrinth the Counseling Center staff received the help of students, faculty, administration and physical plant personnel. We are very proud of contributing this gift to the spiritual development of our university.

In addition, adjacent to our new offices in Van Housen, a permanent Labyrinth made of tile has been built by students and staff. We invite you to take advantage of this addition during posted hours.

The Labyrinth Room is open to the campus community except during a scheduled class or activity. Individuals or groups that wish to use the Labyrinth room should contact the Counseling Center for more information by calling (315) 267-2330 or e-mailing

For more information contact:

Bill Beauchamp
Title: Intramural Director Department: Athletics & Physical Education
Phone: (315) 267-2319
Office: Maxcy Hall P256

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