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In an effort to be transparent, SUNY Potsdam will provide the up-to-date numbers of coronavirus tests related to our campus community here. The numbers below reflect COVID-19 tests that have been conducted on campus, or those that have been conducted off campus of which we are aware, and the results. This includes the data we have for both students and employees.

We want to be very clear about what information we have, and what we can share, for off-campus cases.

  • Employees are required to notify the College if they are being tested. Because of the new state restrictions, many of our faculty and staff have not been on campus since March 17.
  • For off-campus students, unless they utilize Student Health Services for testing, we will not be aware of tests that are conducted by outside healthcare providers.

We will continue to update and track all numbers as we have the information, and will send emails to those still on campus only if there is a potential broader risk.

Pending test results: 0 0
Total negative test results: 25 11
Total positive results: 8* 0
Total number tested: 33 11

Tested positive and since cleared by DOH:


Total positive and in quarantine: 0 0

* Denotes 2 off-campus student cases