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Restart Plan: Get the details.

Before you dive into the sections below, look through the widely-shared essay Please do a bad job of putting your courses online. It has some very practical and real-world guidelines and things to think about when designing remote delivery of courses in this situation.  Take heart, you are not alone.  Perfection takes time and practice, neither of which we have right now.

Critical Campus Resources

Process for Moving to Remote Teaching

General Resources

Teaching ABOUT Covid-19

DEI and Access Considerations

Discipline Specific

There are a LOT of resources available for specific disciplines.  The three google sheets linked below can be sorted according to your interest and will point you in the right direction:

Delivery Specifics

Open Educational Resources

Government & SUNY Resources

Assignments & Assessment

Assignments & Assessment for Remote Instruction

Although some of these sites reference Blackboard, similar features are available in Moodle. Please visit our How do I… and Tech Tools sites if you have questions and/or contact the for more information on any of these features.