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Departmental S/U Policy Exceptions for Undergraduates

Fall 2020

Departmental Policies for Fall 2020 S/U/P Grades

Please note that the policies listed below do not prohibit students from electing to S/U/P any class.  They only restrict whether a grade of P or S may be counted toward major/minor/program requirements.

The S/U/P option is not available in classes the student is repeating.   Students considering changing their grading option should consult with the Student Success Center ahead of the deadline (12/11/2020). 

Crane School of Music

Crane School of Music

All Music Majors:

For the Fall 2020 semester, music majors may elect to S/U/P Fall 2020 required music courses, which normally must be taken for a numerical grade.

To request S/U grading for a required music course, students must email Dianne Chappell, the Associate Dean’s secretary, with their name, P#, and the course information (subject code, course number, section number,  course name, and CRN).  If a student is requesting to S/U more than two required music courses, please also include a petition explaining the exceptional reason (beyond simply the move to online instruction) for the request.  Note that once the S/U grading option is chosen, you cannot change your grading back to numerical grading.

School of Arts & Sciences

Please note: a “P” grade will NOT count towards major/minor requirements for any department.  For program rules on “S” grades, please see below:

Anthropology/Archaeological Studies: Accepts either an S or a 2.0 for major/minor requirements.

Art: Accepts either an S or a 2.0 for major/minor requirements for the 2020-21 academic year.

Biology: Accepts either an S or a 2.0 for major/minor requirements.

Chemistry: Does not allow S grades to count for required courses for the majors.

Computer Science: With the exception of capstone (which is always S/U) any CS major course that is counted toward any CS degree must have a numerical grade.

English and Communication: Accepts either an S or a 2.0 for major/minor requirements.

Environmental Studies: Accepts either an S or a 2.0 for major/minor requirements.

Geology and GIS: Will count S grades in cognate courses but not count S grades for courses in their major/minor/concentration.

History:  Will allow history majors and minors to S/U their history courses without restriction for Fall 2020.

Interdisciplinary Studies: Waives any limits on S/U courses for the Spring 2020 and Fall 2020 semesters in regard to all of the major and minor programs housed within our program, including SIIMs.

Mathematics: Thirty hours of required courses for the mathematics major must be completed with a numerical minimum grade of 2.0. The remaining 3 hours may be completed with a minimum grade of 2.0/S. Students are advised to complete the required courses for a numerical grade.

The courses required for the mathematics minor must be completed with a minimum grade of 2.0/S and 17 of the 20 of the 20 hours must be taken for a numerical grade.

Modern Languages: The S/U option for courses that count for majors and minors
requires a conversation between faculty members and chair. Contact your advisor if you have questions.

Philosophy:  Accepts either an S or a 2.0 for major/minor requirements.

Physics: Accepts either an S or a 2.0 for major/minor requirements.

Politics: Continues to waive the limit on counting "S" courses for political science, international studies and our three minor programs.

Psychology: Allows S/U classes to count for the major, in consultation with a student’s adviser.

SOCI and CJ: Will waive S/U limits for AY20-21 allowing courses taken S/U to count towards major/minor requirements for all programs.

Theatre and Dance: Please consult with your advisor.

School of Education & Professional Studies

Public Health & Human Performance
Required courses in PHHP majors and minors will be eligible for S/U grading for Fall 2020. Students who are considering S/U option for these courses are to discuss with their department advisor to ensure a full understanding of all associated factors relevant to that choice.

Business Administration
For the Spring 2020, Fall 2020, and Spring 2021 semesters, students may count an “S” grade in one 3-credit course toward the major (one in each semester). This includes required courses, electives, and cognates. In order to qualify as an "S", the numerical class grade must have been at least a 2.0.  P grades will not fulfill major requirements as students need at least a 2.0 to pass all Business courses.

Other SOEPS Majors:
Please contact your major/minor department for information about S/U/P policies.