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Articulation Agreement

SUNY Potsdam Arts Management B.A. & SUNY Purchase Entrepreneurship in the Arts M.A.

This partnership is to support undergraduate Arts Management majors at SUNY Potsdam to further their studies upon completion of their Bachelor of Arts degree by attending the SUNY Purchase Master of Arts, Entrepreneurship in the Arts program.

SUNY Purchase allows SUNY Potsdam students to apply for the MA program and if accepted, complete 6 hours (2 courses) of undergraduate masters-level equivalency courses (at SUNY Potsdam) which will count toward their graduate degree. Upon graduation from the BA program, students will then begin their graduate degree as a full-time student at SUNY Purchase.

Admission into Programs
In order to support the acceptance of BA students into both the BA and MA programs, the two institutions agree to the following:

  • Students will complete an application (and pay required fee) for graduate study in the MA program.
  • To be eligible to apply, students must have:
    • completed 60 credit hours and have at least 15 credits remaining in their SUNY Potsdam B.A. Arts Management Program;
    • completed at least one undergraduate masters-level equivalency course (either ARMA 310 or ARMA 300) and one Arts Management practicum (ARMA 207).
  • Fees for processing the student transcript(s) are the responsibility of the student.
  • Three letters of recommendation from Arts Management (or relevant Department of Theatre and Dance) faculty are required. Preference to participate in this articulation agreement is given to highly recommended students.
  • Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA in the BA program in order to be considered for early acceptance into M.A. program.
  • Students complete a recommended pre-requisite basic accounting course at SUNY Purchase (or equivalent at SUNY Potsdam). *If equivalent coursework has been taken, this requirement may be waived under advisement from the SUNY Potsdam program coordinator.
  • Candidates will interview with the BA program coordinator and MA program admissions.

Tuition, Courses, Residency
Students will complete two higher level undergraduate equivalency courses which will count toward both the BA and MA degrees::

  • Arts Management 300 Arts Marketing & Publicity
  • Arts Management 310 Arts Fundraising and Grant Writing

Upon acceptance into both programs and after BA graduation, students will enroll in SUNY Purchase’s first three MA courses as a full-time graduate student and pay graduate tuition for those 9 credit hours.

Students will maintain residency in or around SUNY Purchase (including working in New York City, if possible).

Students will continue with a full course load in the second semester of MA study.

Students will be responsible for the costs of their graduate application & required transcripts. They will be charged the standard SUNY Potsdam rate for the 6 credits of coursework that fulfill requirements in both the undergraduate and graduate programs.

Students will pay full-time per-credit costs commensurate with the tuition rate at SUNY Purchase (for 9 credit hours) in their first semester of MA attendance. In the second semester they will be charged the full tuition rate as they transition into a full course load at SUNY Purchase.

Underrepresented Groups
The parties encourage all students, regardless of background, to pursue enrollment in the BA & MA programs.