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Residence Halls

What can I expect in my room? In every bedroom, there will be one bed (Twin Extra Long), one desk, one desk chair, one dresser, and one closet per resident. Roommates will share the ceiling light (or floor lamp), the window, trash basket, recycling container and single coaxial cable connection. For those that live in a standard double room or triple, you will have shared bathroom facilities on your floor. If you live in a Lehman Suite with a bathroom, a Lehman Apartment or a Townhouse, you will have a private bathroom(s) for the occupants of that space. If you live in a Lehman Suite, Lehman Apartment or Townhouse, you will also have couches and chairs in your common room. If you are in a Lehman Apartment or Townhouse, you will also have a dining room table and chairs for the occupants of the space.

All of our rooms have access to Time Warner Cable (70+ channels) and high speed wireless internet provided by Apogee.

We offer the following housing options spread throughout all of our residence halls: Arts Floor, Co-Ed Housing, First Year Experience (FYE), Gender Inclusive, Honors Floor, Pet Friendly, Study Intensive, Substance Free and Transfer House. Please see the individual building pages below to see where the housing options are located.