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LoKo Graphics

LoKo Graphic Identity

The LoKo Graphic Identity is the shorthand derivative of the LO-ugheed KO-foed partnership with SUNY Potsdam taking the first syllables of the founders names to translate their personal investment and love of the arts to the Kathy's alma mater.

The graphic treatments were engineered to be flexible and accommodate any and all visual representation of a myriad of artistic and creative disciplines which is consistent with the spirit of the Lougheed's gift to the College.

Produce Your Own Posters and Flyers

Departments and artists participating in the Lougheed Kofoed Festival of the Arts may produce their own posters and flyers promoting their events but they are required to have a few basic elements on their documents as part of the LoKo Festival.

Require elements include:

  1. The LoKo Graphic Element. See below for a selection of jpegs of the graphic treatment to choose from
  2. Donor relations copy
  3. The SUNY Potsdam logo located somewhere on the document
  4. The logo of our media sponsor, NCPR

Donor relations copy:

Please include this statement within your document:

The Lougheed-Kofoed Festival of the Arts is made possible by the generosity and artistic vision of Kathryn (Kofoed) '54 and Donald Lougheed (Hon.'54).

Logo Selection:

Choose from logo selection below by right clicking (PC) or control click (MAC) on image and selecting "save image as." The entirety of the logo must be used. No cropping or manipulation is allowed. Email Creative Services with any special requests or questions related to producing publications for the festival.