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Creative Campus

Monkey King Performance

A Culture of Creativity

SUNY Potsdam’s culture of creativity crosses boundaries and transcends disciplines. As an arts campus, we have programs in all of the artistic disciplines to choose from—and even non-majors can get involved. The integration of the arts, both into campus life and into the curriculum, means that students, faculty and community members all get unique opportunities to engage with people and viewpoints representing all different backgrounds. At SUNY Potsdam, artists and audiences alike learn to see the world through new perspectives—and sometimes, they come away transformed.

Experience the No. 1 Arts Environment in SUNY

Where will your creative compass point today? SUNY Potsdam hosts more than 400 performances, exhibitions, workshops and talks each year. So it’s easy to follow your interests wherever they may lead…


Theatre & Dance

  • Check out productions and programs through the Department of Theatre and Dance
  • Grab tickets for a visiting Pendragon Theatre show
  • Audition for the One-Act Play Festival
  • Grab a front-row seat for the Student Choreographers’ Concert
  • Don’t miss performances by Team NV or the Dance Ensemble
  • Take a workshop on stage makeup or prop design during the LoKo Arts Festival

Fine Arts

  • Take a photography or graphic design class through the Department of Art
  • Check out the latest exhibition at The Art Museum at SUNY Potsdam
  • Submit a piece for the juried Art Attack student art show
  • Visit the Festival of Lights to see illuminated sculptures fill the Quad each spring
  • Try out a screenprinting or papermaking workshop during the Loko Arts Festival

Creative Writing

Experience the Arts

Festival of Light
LoKo Festival of Lights
African Drumming Ensemble
LoKo Festival: Puppet Workshop
Gibson Gallery showing
Ballet Class in the Performing Arts Center
Ballet Class in the Performing Arts Center
Christmas Concert
Christmas Concert
Gibson Gallery showing
Drumming Circle
Exhibition in the Gibson Gallery

"Anything you can think of in this field (theatre) and in the arts in general, it’s here at SUNY Potsdam. There aren’t many other places that can give you such a broad-based approach.”

~ James W. Dornemann ’99, lighting control operator for film and television