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What to do when an Alarm Sounds

When a fire alarm device is activated, audible fire alarm horns will sound and visual fire alarm strobe lights will flash. This signals the report of an emergency in the building. Building Evacuation Must Begin Immediately.

The only exception to this policy may apply to critical life safety campus personnel. This may include University Police (Emergency Dispatcher/s) and Utilities Engineers (Heating Plant Staff) monitoring the high pressure steam boiler system. In the event that the acting fire chief in charge instructs such personnel to vacate the building, such critical life safety personnel will abide by the acting chiefs instructions.

New York State Office Of Fire Protection And Control (OFPC) And New York State Law Requires All Occupants To Evacuate Buildings When A Fire Alarm Is Activated, Whether It Is A Drill Or Not.

Additionally, the fire alarm automatically sends a signal to the central monitoring station at the University Police department who then in turn notifies the Village of Potsdam Fire Department indicating there is a fire in the building.