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Evacuation Plans

The SUNY Potsdam Emergency Evacuation Plan has been designed to inform building occupants, tenants and users of the emergency procedures that may save lives in a crisis situation. College buildings are equipped with modern life-safety systems, however, that does not necessary eliminate the possibility of a fire occurring.

The Emergency Evacuation Plan provides a system for protection of life and property in the event of fire, explosion or other emergency requiring building evacuation. Occupants, tenants and users should become familiar with the contents of this plan and become aware of the procedures for an orderly evacuation in the event of a life-threatening emergency.

An Emergency Evacuation Plan combined with the occupant familiarity with a building minimizes threats to life and property.This plan applies to all emergencies where occupants may need to evacuate a building for personal safety.

The Emergency Evacuation Plan is intended to communicate the policies and procedures for occupants to follow in an emergency situation.Under this plan the occupants will be informed of:

The SUNY Potsdam Physical Plant Department and the University Police Department serve as emergency coordinators for the Emergency Evacuation Plan and are responsible for its preparation and implementation.Copies of the Emergency Evacuation Plan are maintained by the Physical Department at the Service Center, University Police in Van Housen Extension and each Building Administrator.


The campus fire alarm systems are a very important and effective means of alerting people to safely evacuate buildings during an emergency. It is the policy of SUNY Potsdam that after fire alarms are activated, that all building occupants evacuate and remain at a safe assembly point at least 50 feet from the building until a signal to re-enter has been given by an authorized campus designee.

For more information, please contact:

Torey Russell
Environmental Health & Safety Officer
Phone: (315) 267-2596