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Honors Psychology Program

Contact Person:

Arlene M. Stillwell, Chair

156 Flagg, (315) 267-4808,

40-43 credit hours required.

The Psychology Honors Program is intended to foster graduate level experiences while at an undergraduate level, so that students completing this program will have the skills and training necessary for successful graduate study. In the Psychology Honors Program, the student gains experience in research, improves his/her written and oral communication skills, and gains a greater understanding of the field of psychology.

A student who has and maintains at least a 3.5 GPA (overall and in psychology) is eligible for the Psychology Honors Program.* The Honors student starts by taking Honors Seminar (PSYC-494), typically in the spring semester of his/her junior year. The student selects a topic for his/ her research and develops a research proposal during Honors Seminar. The Honors student selects a major adviser and two other psychology faculty as committee members. In the senior year, the student finalizes

his/her project, collects and analyzes data, and presents his/her results to the committee, the department, and to others who are interested. Completion of the written thesis is the final step in the Honors degree process. Students who successfully complete this program graduate with an Honors distinction on their diploma.

In addition to the psychology major requirements, the Honors student is required to complete Honors Seminar and Honors Thesis Research I. Also, most students will take Honors Thesis Research II (though this is not a formal requirement).

*A student may petition the committee if their GPA falls below the stated requirements.

All courses are 3 credits unless noted. Credits are divided as follows:

Required Courses

Completion of the Psychology major (34 credits)
PSYC 494 Honors Seminar
PSYC 496 Honors Thesis Research I

one elective course must relate to the honors project

Optional Course

PSYC 499 Honors Thesis Research II

Recommended Coursework
It is recommended that students also take advanced statistics courses (STAT 200; STAT 300) in preparation for graduate school.