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Internships & Career Opportunities


Undergraduates at SUNY Potsdam are encouraged to obtain extra experience in their chosen field by doing off-campus internships. Contact the Experiential Education Office at (315) 267-2702 or visit their website to learn more. Examples of previous internships in which Biology students have participated include:

  • dental assistants
  • educators at zoos and other public institutions
  • forensic science laboratory technologist
  • pest control and management with Cornell Cooperative Extension
  • physical therapy at regional hospitals
  • summit stewardship programs in the Adirondacks
  • surveys of flora and fauna at Fort Drum
  • sustainable farming techniques at local plant nurseries
  • wetlands restoration projects

SUNY Potsdam students can search available internships now by logging in to BearTracker through BearPAWS.

Career Opportunities in the Field

Graduates from the Department of Biology at SUNY Potsdam have pursued careers as biology and life science teachers at all levels from grade school to college. Some graduates have used their degrees to pursue careers as environmental scientists, horticulturists, laboratory coordinators and technologists, veterinarians and wildlife biologists.

Still other graduates have pursued careers as health professionals including chiropractors, dentists, nurses, optometrists, physicians, radiologists and therapists.