Constitution & Bylaws


Section 1 Name

The corporate name of this Association shall be "the School of Education       Alumni Association."
Section 2 LocationThe principal office of the Association is to be located in the office       of the Dean of Education, SUNY Potsdam, in the village and town of Potsdam,       County of St. Lawrence, State of New York
Section 3 PurposeThe purpose of this Association is to constitute a group of alumni with       membership composed of graduates and former students in the School of Education,       as presently constituted, or from institutions which preceded SUNY Potsdam       and from which it has developed or from such school or schools or departments       as shall from time to time be the successor to the School of Education in       the future; the Association to have, in general, the powers incidental to       such organizations, and, in particular, to work actively and effectively       to advance the interest of the School of Education, its faculty, students,       and alumni
Section 1Membership shall be of three types: active, associate, and honorary, and       such other kinds as shall be provided for by the bylaws of the Association
Section 2Active membership shall include all graduates of the School of Education       of SUNY Potsdam and graduates from this institution under previous names.
Section 3Associate membership shall include all former students who make application       to the Board of Trustees (hereinafter referred to as the Board), for membership       and are accepted by consensus of the Board. Associate members shall enjoy       all rights and privileges of the active members.
Section 4Honorary membership shall include persons of distinction who are approved       by the Board. Honorary members shall enjoy all the privileges and rights       of active membership.
Section 5Membership in this Association is based solely upon qualifications specified       in Article I, Section 3; and as described in Article II, Sections 1, 2,       3, and 4. Admission to membership in the Association is made without regard       to the race, color, creed, sex, or national origin of individuals
The School of Education Alumni Association,       shall be an affiliate of the Alumni Association of SUNY Potsdam.
Section 1The management of this Association is vested in a Board of Trustees. The       Association shall elect officers to the positions of president, 1st vice-president,       secretary, treasurer, and trustees.
Section 2The president shall act as presiding officer at regular and special meetings       of the Association and of the Board. With the advice of the Board, the president       shall direct the activities of the Association in accordance with the provisions       of the Constitution and Bylaws.
Section 3The first vice-president shall assume the responsibilities of the president       at such time as the latter is unable for whatever reason to fulfill the       duties of the office. The first vice-president is a president-elect and       automatically accedes to the office of the president.
Section 4The secretary shall record minutes of all meetings, shall handle such       correspondence as may be delegated to this office, and shall conduct election       of officers and trustees at the annual meeting
Section 5The treasurer, under the direction of the Board, shall collect and disburse       all funds of the Association. This officer shall maintain records of financial       transactions, have custody over any and all assets of the Association, and       prepare reports as directed by the president. The treasurer shall be ex-officio       chairperson of the budget committee of the Board.
Section 6An Executive Committee shall be comprised of the officers of the Association       and the immediate past-president. The Executive Committee shall have the       powers of the Board of Trustees when the Board is not in session. This committee       shall have the authority to fill vacancies on the Board for the remainder       of unexpired terms. Any action taken by the Executive Committee shall be       by a majority of the full membership of the committee.
Section 7The Board shall have the power to adopt bylaws, including therein the       method of election and the term of office of trustees and shall have power       also, by vote of two-thirds of all the members of the Board of Trustees,       to change the number of trustees, to be not more than twenty nor fewer than       ten.
Section 8Membership of the Board shall consist of the Dean of the School of Education       or his/her designee and any former Dean(s) who are able to serve on the       Board. Every effort will be made to make the Board a representative body       of the Association and will include at least two members who graduated from       classes 25 years prior to the year of elections. Further, up to four memberships       on the Board may be granted to Honorary members of the Association who are       willing to serve as active and productive participants in the business of       the Board. In addition, trustees positions may be granted to two currently       matriculated students in the School of Education to be appointed by the       president of the Association. If a Student Alumni Association for the School       of Education, Honor Society, or Student Education Society is in existence,       preference will be given to its members.
Section 9The Board shall be responsible for policy and programs of the Association       and shall advise the Executive Committee in the performance of their duties.       The Board shall also perform specific duties that are assigned to it from       time to time by the president of the Association.
Section 10.The President of SUNY Potsdam is designated as the representative of the       Association upon whom process in any action or proceeding against it may       be served
Section 1 Nominating CommitteeA nominating committee shall be elected by the Board during the first       meeting of the school year. This committee shall be comprised of three members       of the Association. Membership on the Board is not a prerequisite for membership       on the Nominating Committee. Members of this committee shall serve for a       term of three years and shall not be eligible immediately to succeed themselves.
Section 2 Standing CommitteesThe president shall appoint standing committees and chairpersons of same       from the membership of the Board. Other members of the Association may be       asked by either the president of the Board or the chair to serve on the       committees, but may not serve as chairpersons. Ordinarily these committees       are appointed during a regular meeting of the Board. Standing Committees       may include, but not be limited to, the following: Alumni Weekend, Budget,       Awards, Alumni Scholarship, and External Affairs.
Section 1 Meetings of the AssociationThere shall be an annual meeting of the Association and such other meetings       as the Board might prescribe. All meetings of the Association shall be held       at SUNY Potsdam at Potsdam, NY, unless otherwise properly announced by the       Executive Committee of the Board. The annual meeting of the Association       shall be held in conjunction with the annual college reunion program. The       call for the annual meeting shall be announced to each member of the Association       at least sixty days prior to the meeting. The president shall preside over       the business session of the annual meeting; however, the secretary shall       conduct the election of officers and trustees.
Section 2 Meetings of the BoardThere shall be a minimum of three meetings of the Board each year. Meetings       of the Board shall ordinarily be held at SUNY Potsdam at Potsdam, NY, unless       otherwise specified by the president of the Association. Any member unable       to attend a meeting will contact the Dean's Office or the president of the       Association. A member of the board who has two unexcused absences during       the Board's fiscal year shall be deemed to have resigned from the Board.       The member will be ineligible for re-election for one year. This section,       or any part thereof, may be set aside by the Board for extenuating circumstances.
Section 3 QuorumsAt any meeting of the Association which has been properly called, those       persons present shall constitute a quorum. At any meeting of the Board which       has been properly called, a simple majority shall constitute a quorum.
Section 1 NominationsThe nominating committee shall nominate one candidate for each office       and may nominate one candidate for each vacancy on the Board. Nominations       other than those of the nominating committee may be made by any member of       the Association. Such nominations received by the secretary not fewer than       thirty (30) days before the annual meeting shall be valid nominations and       shall be presented along with and in the same manner as those of the nominating       committee. No further nominations are to be presented at the annual meeting.
Section 2 ElectionsOfficers and trustees shall be elected at the annual meeting of the Association.       All officers shall serve for two-year terms. As stated in Article IV, Section       3, the vice-president is the president-elect. However, should the vice-president       be unable to accede to the presidency, a person shall be elected to be president.       Trustees are elected to terms not to exceed four years. If only one candidate       is named for an office or trusteeship, election shall be by voice vote.       If more than one nomination is made, the secretary shall prepare printed       ballots for use at the election.

Section 1
        Fiscal year

The fiscal year of the Association is from September 1 through       August 31.
Section 2 ProcedureBusiness shall be conducted using Robert's Rules of Order,       Newly Revised.
Section 3 AmendmentsAmendments to the Constitution and Bylaws of the Association may be made       only at the annual meeting. Amendments shall be proposed to the Board and       received in writing by the Board in time to be included with the announcement       of the annual meeting. The amendments shall be published and available to       the membership at large during the annual meeting, at which action may be       taken. Amendments shall be read by the secretary at the annual meeting along       with recommendations of the Board. Amendments shall be adopted by a majority       vote of those members of the Association in attendance at the annual meeting.